Genetta is a multipurpose climbing shoe that is more ergonomic, effortless and safe.

Many materials,
one Genetta


Metal pole

Wooden pole

Composite pole

Genetta in action

Watch the Genetta climbing gear in action and see how it makes climbing easier and more safe!

Climbing with Genetta is ergonomic, effortless and more safe. The new generation pole climbing gear has been specifically designed for heavy use by lineworkers who work at dizzying heights and challenging weather conditions every day, all year round.

Seeking inspiration from cats’ natural and agile way of moving and climbing, the Genetta pole climbing shoe makes pole climbing easy and ergonomic: with Genetta the climbing movement resembles that of walking up the stairs. When used with task-specific safety and fall protection equipment, Genetta enables the lineworker to work more efficiently – saving time, enhancing productivity and most importantly, increasing safety.

Our vision

In the product development, safety and usability have been our main priorities. With thorough research on the working conditions of lineworkers and an extensive, several-year-long product development on our design, we have made sure that safety is not compromised at any point of heavy use. Because even one injury is one too many.

Who would benefit

There is no denying that there are risks involved when working at height, and professionals know to avoid the actual climbing whenever alternative methods are available. However, climbing to utility poles, trees and building sites is something that lineworkers, arborists, researchers and construction workers among many others still have to do on a daily basis. To meet the needs of these professionals, we designed the Genetta pole climbing shoe to be light and durable, making it easy to put on, take off and carry with you wherever needed.


The hooks won’t cross when the climber’s feet are levelled. This increases safety and ergonomy.


When using the Genetta pole climbing gear, you feel secure while climbing and standing, which helps you to concentrate on the actual work to be done. Furthermore, learning how to use them is quick and easy, since the movement is intuitive and natural.


The Genetta pole climbing shoe attaches to the pole very tightly and is released easily. The carefully designed structure enables you to maintain a steady and comfortable standing and working position. The possibility of accidents could be reduced with the high-rise calf support in case of falling backwards.

Cables won’t stop you from climbing – there are ways to climb despite obstacles. Climbing with Genetta is easy: lift your heel, drop your toes and move the shoe along the side of the pole, just like you would walk up the stairs.

You can stay up in the pole in a natural upright standing position.

Ergonomy & adjustability

Whereas traditional pole climbing gear do help you get up the pole, they are not necessarily the most comfortable things to wear. With the Genetta pole climbing shoe you can climb up the pole just like you would walk up the stairs. The patented calf support gives more control to climbing and to maintaining a neutral and stable standing position, which reduces the stress on your body and increases ergonomy while working and for example lifting things at height.

In the design of the Genetta pole climbing shoe, we have optimized the structure and materials so as to make it light to wear and carry with you on a daily basis. The shoe also offers various adjustment options for making it custom-fit for each individual user.

Compatibility & maintenance

The Genetta pole climbing shoe features a unique modular structure that enables the same shoe to be used for climbing utility poles or vertical structures that are made of different materials, such as metal, wood, composite or concrete, and that have different diameters (up to 600 mm) and shapes.

The maintenance of the gear is easy and does not require expert help, since all the genuine Genetta parts that the users are allowed to replace by themselves can be replaced without tools.

The Genetta product family will extend in the future to allow even more versatile climbing.

You can freely adjust the length of the hook, so you can choose the most comfortable adjustment for each duty.

Fun fact

Many times, nature is the best source of inspiration. The brand name Genetta derives from genets, cat-like animals that are extremely agile and skilled climbers who sure know how to use their dagger-sharp claws. They are also known for being able to stand on two feet. See the resemblance?

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