GENETTA Climbing gear

Genetta basic kit for professional use

In climbing duties that require leaning back, just extend the hook, and the base of the Genetta shoe will tilt downwards. In addition, you can freely adjust the calf support to the optimal tilt position.

Versatile and multifunctional

• Adjustable to wooden poles, composite poles and trees of any diameter between 70–305 mm (2.5–12’’)
• Adjustable to any shoe size between European 37–47 (UK 4.5–12.5)

Genetta shoe in portable position

Compact and durable

• Dimensions in transport position: length 49 cm, width 22 cm, height 12–16 cm
• Weight: 3.9 kg /shoe
• Materials: steel, aluminum, composite, synthetic fibre
• 12 month warranty for failures due to defective materials (excluding straps)

Walking with the Genetta shoes is allowed when the hooks are pushed in to portable position. When taken into use again, the hooks open to the length in which they were used the last time.

Swiftly to use

• Quick-release lock system for changing from transport mode to use and back
• Last used pole diameter is stored
• User manual available in English, Finnish and Swedish

Genetta shoe ready for use

Please note

• Only trained professionals are allowed to use Genetta climbing shoes.
• Using appropriate fall protection equipment and personal protective equipment, provided by law, is obligatory when climbing.
• The shoe must be checked every 12 months by a designated inspector.
• Do not use a defective product. In case of malfunction, contact the retailer.
• Right to changes reserved.

Many materials,
one Genetta


Metal pole

Wooden pole

Composite pole

Contact Information

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+358 44 023 4000

Marketing, Partner
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Genetta development has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 854975.