Genetta starts exports in cooperation with Portugal-based Fall SafeⓇ

Genetta pole climbing shoes will be soon sold in Portugal, Spain, Norway and Sweden according to a recently-signed vendor contract with Fall Safe On Line LdaⓇ, a Portuguese manufacturer and retailer of fall protection equipment.

As a result, our pole climbing shoe will be presented at the Segurex fair in Lisbon on May 8‒11, as a part of Fall SafeⓇ exhibition stand. Segurex is the leading event in the fields of protection, security and defense in Portugal.

‒We are expecting to reach positive attention at Segurex with our local partner, as this is the first time Genetta is presented to the public in Portugal. The vendor contract to four countries is a remarkable start for Genetta export activities and further negotiations are underway, says Matti Pölönen, managing director of Genetta.

Genetta will also provide Fall SafeⓇ with our wooden, modular poles made from genuine Finnish pine tree to be used for Genetta shoe demonstration purposes as well as for educational purposes in the Fall SafeⓇ training center located in Vila Do Conde. The poles are manufactured in Finland by our partnering company, EcoTelligent Ltd.

Fall SafeⓇ both manufactures their own products and represents other, high-quality personal protective equipment brands like Genetta. The company was founded in Portugal in 2004 by Jan and Paula Ekman. Their headquarters is located in Vila Do Conde where also the manufacturing takes place, while they have a network of vendors around the world. The company employs 40 people.

In the first phase, the vendor contract covers the above-mentioned four countries, where Portugal and Spain are Fall SafeⓇ’s home markets and Sweden and Norway almost like second home markets due to Ekman’s background as a Swedish-native.

‒We are delighted to widen our product offering with a unique and exclusive safety product like the Genetta climbing shoes. It will fit perfectly with the Fall SafeⓇ brand of fall protection equipment for everyone who needs a quick and safe access to poles and structures at height, says Ekman.

More information:

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Fall SafeⓇ
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CEO, Founder
+358 44 023 4000

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Genetta development has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 854975.