The hooks won’t cross when the climber’s feet are levelled. This increases safety and ergonomy.


The development of Genetta started for the very simple, yet very important reason: to improve the work safety at height and reduce accidents – so that no one needs to be afraid when going to work. The core safety feature is the high-rise calf support that reaches below the knee. It supports the user’s leg and ankle even when falling backwards, so the possibility of accidents during pole climbing or tree climbing could be reduced.

The changeable hooks and tips attach tightly to the pole material in question, and the structure and materials have been designed to endure hard, daily professional use. Genetta longevity service means that the shoe has endless lifetime when inspected at factory repair and fixed with original Genetta spare parts.


Whereas traditional pole climbing gear do help you get up the pole, they are not necessarily the most comfortable things to wear. With Genetta pole climbing shoe you can climb up the pole just like you would walk up the stairs.

The patented calf support gives more control to climbing and to maintaining a neutral and stable standing position, which reduces the stress on your leg muscles and spine and gives you the freedom to work and lift things in a more ergonomic way. Genetta is light to wear in daily work, but when you carry it you might notice the weight that comes from high-quality, durable materials.

You can work up in the pole in a natural upright standing position.

Climbing metal poles, such as traffic light posts, is easy with Genetta’s changeable rubber tips.


When using Genetta, you feel secure and stable while climbing and standing, which helps you to concentrate
on the actual work to be done. Genetta increases productivity significantly by prolonging careers and minimising occupational sick leaves.

One pair of shoes with changeable hooks serve all pole climbing purposes – regardless of the material or shape of the pole.


Genetta is a secure investment on work safety and well-being. Genetta longevity service means that the shoe has endless lifetime when inspected at factory repair and fixed with original Genetta spare parts.

What Genetta longevity service means in practice is that all the parts are changeable at the official Genetta factory repair. The lifetime for the body of the shoe is 10 years and for the plastic parts 3 years, but when replaced with original Genetta spare parts, the time for use continues. Hence the shoe won’t become unusable but it is a sustainable investment.

Just for reference, the lifetime for certain traditional pole climbing shoes is 10 years, after which they need to be discarded – regardless of whether they have been used frequently or at all.

Using personal protective equipment as required by law, and other task-related safety gear, is obligatory when climbing.


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Genetta has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 854975.